Its inner beauty that counts

l i n k s

m a i l b o x

a b o u t

Hey I'm olivia marie scanlan :) YOLO is pretty much my everyday quote.. i know its real cheesy but i seriously try to live life at my fullest ! i appreciate my amazing family :) and my beautiful best friend ANNNUSKA MENOITA! <3 love her to bits like cuurrrrr-razzyy! I DANCE! eat , imma christian but i still partyyy ! i'm not a nun.. so follow me , reblog me , do what the hek ya want :P and before you ask yes i am a virgin sand i'm proud of it . i''m haoooy with my body so the pics i reblog are bodies i'm inspired by not that i want. <3 <3 <3 "Its hard to get , but even harder to forget. <3 <3 <3" ask at



got some rosy if ya want ✰

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Anonymous asked:

hi zack.

Anonymous asked:
You are so stunning Olivia! I have always been so jealous of you, jealous of your beauty and everything about you. You are so down to earth and so perfect. Don't ever change for anyone or anything because I love you just the way you are, just the girl that you know you are in your heart. You are one of the strongest girls I know and I love that about you too, whatever you are going through, you always put others before you. You are so humble. Please just be yourself cause I love that self.

thank you !ANON! THAT IS SOOOO SWEEET <3 xx 


more personal/relatable here, He’s also hot ;)

for you

#Tripped over # banged head # corner of table # knocked out # doesnt wake up #wakes up #doesntrememebr anythingg #doesnt know whats going on  #blacksout agaian # wakesup early morning with a huge bump on her head 

this is my story of what happened to me last nite! hahah oh wwow great time :/ 

Hot enough?!
Anonymous asked:
your really beautiful! I always see you around school and im just thinking how amazingly gorgeous you are! I wish you would notice me :l

ohmygshhhhh! who is this , yur such a sweeeeettie! ( or is this a joke ) :’(  i probs do notice you i just don’t show it very well. MESSAGE me with anon off :) 


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